discourssions = discourses + discussions

I really don’t know what I will do here. However, definitely I am not here for easy believing. My trait is not to believe just because others believe or just because something belongs to a “great tradition”. No great tradition would go unquestioned by me.  In short, I believe more in “Patisothagami” (one who swims against the stream) rather than “anusothagami” (one who follows the stream). I question not only “obvious”, but equally question  “great traditions” as well. However, I will not confine myself to skepticism, I never give up my endeavour  of exploring the world for truth as well.

I believe the more you cut the sandalwood deep, the more it gives its fragrance.

Your valuable ideas/suggestions to improve the blog is highly appreciated.


yapa, Sri Lanka

    • yapa said:

      Thanks! Please keep on visiting me on my blog and if possible comment on my posts as well. I too visit your blog when and where I am free.

      Thanks once again.

  1. Hello Mr Yapa, I am the husband of Dr. Rakshmi Wanigasinghe, my name is Damithe Weerasinghe, we just start to enjoy what you wrote here. Most of the subjects are very interresting for me. I hope to comment soon your articles.
    I am an System and Network Engineer in France, so I can help if you need. Sorry for my english, i am better in french 😉

    • yapa said:

      Thanks, Damithe for visiting my blog and appreciate your modesty to do so on your wife’s introduction about me. Unlike many, your doctor wife’s down-to-earthness was a good quality I saw in her. Being a doctor and living/traveling in other countries is a good reason for many to be proud , but she was very humble and “pious”, I appreciate her qualities.

      Please go through the articles in the blog whenever you feel free and please do comment, it will immensely help me to develop myself and to develop the quality of the blog. Really many things I have learnt through dialogues.

      Really, I am very poor at IT and barely and poorly managing my blog due to that deficiency. If you can help in that, it would again be a great help. However, your feed back on the articles would be the greatest help. You are free to give any sort of a feed back, can say bad of them as well. You can make suggestions, recommendations and point out me what not to do as well. Please feel free to comment the way you feel right.

      Thanks again, convey my regards to your wife, Dr. Rakshmi.

      See you.

  2. My wife is very humble as i am, that why our two hearts get one 🙂 She was very impress about what you said. But I don’t like what our monks in Sri lanka, France or UK ones done with siddhartha’s phylosophy. Sometimes i am not allways right with siddhartha also, but lets talk about it later…

    Concerning your blog, first, you need a domane name like http://www.discourssions.com, actualy it is free for reservation, or you can choice an other name as you feel and e-mail me. After that, i will reserv a data space for you in one of my servers and your private wordpress blog is done ! I will do it for you, totaly free of charge, in respect on your works.

    If you have time please visite http://www.centrebouddhique.net, the website of Parawahera Chandaratana nayaka amuduruho. Little bit oldy style but there are lot of connexion.

    Anyway that is my help for you yapa.

    See you.

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