Rebirth Proven!


Rebirth is a belief especially exists among the people of the east which claims that life after death as a reality. Some schools that believe in  rebirth say  that “soul” transmigrates as it is into a different body after death and continues to exist as a different being with the same soul throughout the “samsara” (life cycles), cause of rebirth being the kammas/karmas (volitional action/intentional action or deeds) of the past lives. According to another school, Buddhism, there is no unchanging soul that migrates to another life, but as the effect of one of the kammas of a past lives, a new consciousness (a being) originates. Apart from this noteworthy difference in their opinions, both the schools fundamentally agree with the core concept of rebirth. However, there are many who do not believe this concept.

The toughest opposition to the idea comes from the “Lobby of Science” which says that there is no scientific proof so far provided by anybody and hence it cannot be taken as true. Some take the same reason to reject the idea totally as untrue.

Many who had some faith in rebirth conducted scientific experiments to scientifically establish the idea. This was mainly done by the scholars of the west who had scientific backgrounds as their discipline of education. Dr. Ian Stevenson is considered as the most prominent scholarly figure who took much pain int this endeavour. Even though some people are of the view that his experimental results are sufficient to consider the concept as true, many think that he was not able to prove it scientifically despite his mighty contribution in that direction.

Though my field of formal study was Science, I was not able to get rid of the idea of rebirth which I had inherited from my belief system, Buddhism. I know many people who originally belonged to belief systems with rebirth, refused anymore to believe the idea after their Science Education. But I was never convinced that principles in Science contradicted rebirth. My belief in rebirth continued as it is since I had no way to dispute it by Science or any other knowledge system though I didn’t have any reasonable means to prove it as well. However, I used to oppose moves to reject the idea without disputing it or without providing sufficient evidence against the concept, by engaging in many debates in social media. Really, in general I appeared against ‘”unwarranted rejections” done in the name of Science or any other philosophy, which I considered as wrong in terms of any yardstick. However, those debates made me to gather some good knowledge and different views about the concept of rebirth and to understand about many aspects of it. These debates and research done for the purpose further ignited my inner thoughts to find a way to verify its truth/untruth.  However, about four years ago, in 2010, an accident came in my way to reward me with what I had been dreaming for.

I had an opportunity to work with one of my  classmates in the same office after a several decades. He works as a Superintendent of Customs in the Sri Lanka Customs Department. He studied Science and Math for his A Levels and when I knew him before this meeting he totally used to be a non believer of super natural things.

We didn’t have much connection after we departed from the school and we had no knowledge about each others family members. So, when we met in the office, we talked about our past days and every topic of our present day lives. We talked about our  wives and children (we had not seen each others wives or children) and also about the whereabouts of our olden day friends.

After a few days in the office he gave me a piece of paper and told me that my horoscope was written there.There was no way for him to access to my horoscope or to my date of birth and time of birth, but to my astonishment when I went home and checked what was written in that piece of paper it was found  exactly tallying with my horoscope. 

Following day I asked him how he did that and his answer was that while he was talking to me he had identified two of my prominent traits and on the basis of those traits he matched the relevant “rashis” or something like that in the horoscope and he prepared my horoscope accordingly. According to him the horoscope is the manifestation of past kammas of a person.


if you can derive my horoscope through my traits, that means my traits have a bearing on the horoscope. If horoscope is the manifestation of the past kammas of a person, that means my traits have a bearing on my past kammas. To have past kammas a person should have past life/lives. That proves Rebirth.

Later I came to  know he had made many people go astonished by  handing over their horoscopes after  brief talks with them.

This person is still working with us in the Customs Department of Sri Lanka and anybody can meet him to know the truth of the story.


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